Dear Friends,

I grew up on Long Island. My father worked in the private business sector and my mother in education, dedicating most of her career to improving schools through her work at the Wheatley School, Solomon Schechter and Temple Sinai of Roslyn.

I am proud to hold a bachelor’s degree from a great public university, SUNY at Stonybrook. After graduation, I moved into the 16th Assembly District and have lived in New Hyde Park, Great Neck and Port Washington, where I reside currently.

I always wanted to work to better my community and make a significant contribution to the place where I love to live, Long Island. Long Island, with its rich history and diverse culture, is unlike any other place in the country. We have beautiful coastlines and thriving suburban neighborhoods. The people here value hard work and education and are committed to providing a high standard of living for their families. I share these values.

I am also proud to be a lifelong Democrat. I have devoted much of my career to working to get progressive Democrats elected and helping them to succeed. I believe that government can help people because I have seen it happen. As Deputy Chief of Staff for the Nassau County Legislature and now for North Hempstead Supervisor Judi Bosworth, I have been a part of making it happen.

I worked with Supervisor Bosworth and the Town Council to create the Town's Capital Plan. This plan, when implemented, will improve parks and repair the infrastructure of the Town. I traveled with Supervisor Bosworth to Washington D.C. to lobby our federal representatives for grants and have helped to secure millions in FEMA awards. I have worked on numerous legislative items at the Town, including a new Anti-Discrimination Law. I also serve on the Town's Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee and 9/11 Memorial Committee. I work directly with the Supervisor and the Town staff every day to address the concerns and needs of our residents.

Our assembly district and the entire state have significant challenges to overcome. The leaders of both state legislative bodies have been convicted of public corruption. The big issue plaguing politics is money and the answer to repairing our broken system is public financing campaigns, ethics reform and a ban on outside income for elected officials. I will champion this legislation. I will work to bring more of our education tax dollars back to our school districts to improve our schools and finally provide meaningful tax relief. I will also advocate for funding and meaningful legislation to protect our environment.

I think I am the best candidate for the 16th Assembly District because I know my fellow residents and I will work hard to protect all of our interests. I am energetic and hard-working and I will devote all of my energy to serving our district--our home. But I can't do this alone; I need your help. Together we can make a difference.
Nick Guariglia